Class IdentityConstraintReference

    • Constructor Detail

      • IdentityConstraintReference

        public IdentityConstraintReference()
        Create a new uninitialized IdentityConstraint reference (used during schema model loading)
      • IdentityConstraintReference

        public IdentityConstraintReference​(StructuredQName targetQName,
                                           int kind,
                                           EnterpriseConfiguration config,
                                           javax.xml.transform.SourceLocator locator)
        Creates a new IdentityConstraint reference
        targetQName - the name of the constraint being referenced
        kind - the name pool fingerprint of the kind of constraint being referenced, e.g. xs:unique
        config - identifies the XML Schema in which this type reference appears. May be null if the reference is in a built-in type
        locator - the SourceLocator identifying the location of the reference. May be null if the reference is in a built-in type
    • Method Detail

      • isResolved

        public boolean isResolved()
        Determine whether this reference has been resolved
        Specified by:
        isResolved in interface ComponentReference
        true if the reference has been resolved to a schema component
      • isDangling

        public boolean isDangling()
        Ask whether this is known to be a dangling reference
        Specified by:
        isDangling in interface ComponentReference
        true if the target of this component reference is known to be absent, and if a warning has been issued to this effect
      • setTarget

        public void setTarget​(IdentityConstraint target)
        Set the target of this reference. Caller is responsible for ensuring that the target constraint is of the expected kind
        target - the target constraint (to which this is a reference)
      • getSymbolSpace

        public int getSymbolSpace()
        Get the symbol space of the target of this reference
        Specified by:
        getSymbolSpace in interface ComponentReference
        an integer code identifying the symbol space
      • tryToResolve

        public void tryToResolve​(SchemaCompiler compiler,
                                 boolean fatal)
        Attempt to resolve this reference using the constraints defined in a given schema. No error results if the reference cannot be resolved.
        Specified by:
        tryToResolve in interface ComponentReference
        compiler - The compiler being used to compile the referring component.
        fatal - True if a failure to resolve should be treated as fatal, irrespective of any settings in the SchemaCompiler