Class FieldOrSelector

    • Field Detail

      • selectExpression

        protected Expression selectExpression
        Compiled XPath expression
    • Constructor Detail

      • FieldOrSelector

        public FieldOrSelector()
    • Method Detail

      • getXPath

        public java.lang.String getXPath()
        Return the source XPath expression of this IdentitySelector.
        the XPath expression defined in this IdentitySelector.
      • getSelection

        public Pattern getSelection()
        Return the compiled XPath expression as a match pattern
        the expression as a Pattern object
      • getSelectExpression

        public Expression getSelectExpression()
        Get the compiled XPath expression
        the compiled XPath expression
      • setXPath

        public void setXPath​(java.lang.String xpath)
        Sets the XPath expression for this Selector.
        xpath - the XPath expression for this IdentitySelector. Must not be null.
      • setSelection

        public void setSelection​(Pattern selection)
        Set the compiled XPath expression as a match pattern
        selection - the XPath expression compiled into a Pattern object
      • setSelectExpression

        public void setSelectExpression​(Expression selectExpression)
        Set the compiled XPath expression
        selectExpression - the XPath expression
      • setNamespaceContext

        public void setNamespaceContext​(NamespaceResolver resolver)
        Set the namespace context. This is needed to allow the assertion to be serialized, so that the namespace context can be replicated when it is reloaded.
        resolver - the resolver used to resolve prefixes in the XPath expression to URIs
      • getNamespaceContext

        public NamespaceResolver getNamespaceContext()
        Get the namespace context for evaluating the XPath expression
        the namespace resolver used to resolve namespace prefixes in the XPath expression
      • setXPathDefaultNamespace

        public void setXPathDefaultNamespace​(NamespaceUri uri)
        Set the XPath default namespace
        uri - the XPath default namespace
      • getXPathDefaultNamespace

        public NamespaceUri getXPathDefaultNamespace()
        Get the XPath default namespace
        the XPath default namespace