Class MultiIndex

  • public class MultiIndex
    extends java.lang.Object
    A MultiIndex provides fast access to the items in a sequence. The sequence may consist of nodes and/or atomic values. The items are identified by means of a key value computed using an expression called the "use" expression. This may be multivalued: each item in the result of the use expression is regarded as a separate key, and a match occurs if any of the items is matched.

    A MultiIndex handles a single "use" expression, for a single population.

    The class is used to support indexes over the value of a variable, as determined by the Saxon-EE optimizer.

    The class supports two kinds of equality matching. In ConvertUntypedToOther mode, corresponding to the XPath "=" operator, an untyped value is converted to the type of the other item, so the double 5e0 will match the untypedAtomic value "5". In ConvertUntypedToString mode, untyped atomic values are always converted to strings: this corresponds to the XPath "eq" operator (and to the rules for xsl:key).

    Each MultiIndex index is in fact a set of sub-indexes, one for each primitive type encountered. In an expression such as $seq[./A = $B], one sub-index is built for each primitive type that occurs in the sequence $B. In this index, any untyped atomic values in ./A are converted to that primitive type. For an expression such as $seq[./A eq $B], a single index is built, in which untyped atomic values in ./A are converted to strings.

    A particular difficulty arises where $B (in the expression $seq[./A eq $B]) is untypedAtomic. In this situation an index is built in which any untypedAtomic values in ./A are indexed as strings. While building the index, we note all the primitive types that occur in ./A, and then we convert the search term $B to each of these types in turn before doing the index lookup. In practice, of course, it is very rare for the index to be heterogeneous.

    • Constructor Detail

      • MultiIndex

        public MultiIndex​(GroundedValue indexedValue)
        Create a MultiIndex
        indexedValue - the sequence to be indexed
    • Method Detail

      • findItems

        public SequenceIterator findItems​(Expression use,
                                          SequenceIterator values,
                                          boolean convertUntypedToOther,
                                          StringCollator collator,
                                          XPathContext context)
                                   throws XPathException
        Retrieve items that match a given index value
        use - the expression whose value is to be matched
        values - the set of values to be found
        convertUntypedToOther - true if untypedAtomic values are to be converted to the type of the other operand
        collator - StringCollator used to compare values for equality (encapsulates a collation if necessary)
        context - the dynamic evaluation context
        an iterator over the items that match the specified values
        XPathException - if a failure occurs