Class MultithreadingFactory

  • public class MultithreadingFactory
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class defines a number of methods that support the use of multi-threading in Saxon. By subclassing MultithreadingFactory and registering the subclass with the configuration using the method EnterpriseConfiguration.setMultithreadingFactory(MultithreadingFactory), it is possible to customize Saxon's multithreading behavior.
    • Constructor Detail

      • MultithreadingFactory

        public MultithreadingFactory​(EnterpriseConfiguration config)
        Create a MultithreadingFactory
        config - the Saxon Configuration (must be a Saxon-EE configuration)
    • Method Detail

      • makeMultithreadedItemMappingIterator

        public SequenceIterator makeMultithreadedItemMappingIterator​(SequenceIterator base,
                                                                     ItemMappingFunction action)
                                                              throws XPathException
        Get an item mapping iterator suitable for multi-threaded execution. The returned iterator delivers the result of applying a mapping function to each item in an input sequence. The result sequence respects the ordering of the input sequence, but the order of processing (the timing of the executions of the mapping function) is implementation-defined.
        base - iterator over the input sequence
        action - mapping function to be applied to each item in the input sequence.
        an iterator over the result sequence
      • makeThreadManager

        public XPathContextMajor.ThreadManager makeThreadManager()
        Make a ThreadManager for asynchronous xsl:result-document instructions
        a new ThreadManager (or null in the case of Saxon-HE, or if multithreading is disabled)
      • makeExecutorService

        public java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService makeExecutorService​(int threads)
        Make an ExecutorService for a given number of threads
        threads - the required number of threads
      • makeThread

        public java.lang.Thread makeThread​(java.lang.Runnable runnable)
        Make a new Thread
        runnable - the Runnable to be executed by the thread