Class ProfessionalXPathFactory

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    public class ProfessionalXPathFactory
    extends XPathFactoryImpl
    An implementation of the JAXP XPath Factory that creates a Professional configuration. This implementation is used when Saxon-PE is present.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ProfessionalXPathFactory

        public ProfessionalXPathFactory()
        Default constructor: this creates a Configuration as well as creating the professional XPathFactory. Any documents accessed using this XPathFactory must be built using this same Configuration.
      • ProfessionalXPathFactory

        public ProfessionalXPathFactory​(ProfessionalConfiguration config)
        Constructor using a user-supplied Configuration. This constructor is useful if the document to be queried already exists, as it allows the configuration associated with the document to be used with this XPathFactory.
        config - the configuration to be used. This must be a ProfessionalConfiguration.