Class JavaVerifier

  • public class JavaVerifier
    extends Verifier
    • Constructor Detail

      • JavaVerifier

        public JavaVerifier()
    • Method Detail

      • loadLicense

        protected void loadLicense​(Configuration config)
        Locate the license file, read it, and verify it
        Specified by:
        loadLicense in class Verifier
        config - the Saxon configuration
        LicenseException - if, for example, a license is found and is invalid
      • verify

        protected boolean verify​(java.lang.String data,
                                 java.lang.String signature)
                          throws LicenseException
        This method validates license data based on the signature and the public key.
        Specified by:
        verify in class Verifier
        data - the license data to be verified
        signature - the digital signature, in X509 format (ASN.1 DER encoding)
        a boolean indicating whether or not the license is valid.
        LicenseException - if a failure occurs in the verification process