Interface SchemaComponent

    • Method Detail

      • getRedefinitionLevel

        int getRedefinitionLevel()
        Get the redefinition level. This is zero for a component that has not been redefined; for a redefinition of a level-0 component, it is 1; for a redefinition of a level-N component, it is N+1. This concept is used to support the notion of "pervasive" redefinition: if a component is redefined at several levels, the top level wins, but it is an error to have two versions of the component at the same redefinition level.
        the redefinition level
      • getComponentAsFunction

        Function getComponentAsFunction()
        Get the schema component in the form of a function item. This allows schema information to be made visible to XSLT or XQuery code. The function makes available the contents of the schema component as defined in the XSD specification. The function takes a string as argument representing a property name, and returns the corresponding property of the schema component. There is also a property "class" which returns the kind of schema component, for example "Attribute Declaration".
        the schema component represented as a function from property names to property values.