Class ArrayIterator

    • Field Detail

      • index

        protected int index
      • start

        protected int start
      • end

        protected int end
    • Constructor Detail

      • ArrayIterator

        public ArrayIterator()
    • Method Detail

      • makeSliceIterator

        public abstract SequenceIterator makeSliceIterator​(int min,
                                                           int max)
        Create a new ArrayIterator over the same items, with a different start point and end point
        min - the start position (1-based) of the new ArrayIterator relative to the original
        max - the end position (1-based) of the last item to be delivered by the new ArrayIterator, relative to the original. For example, min=2, max=3 delivers the two items ($base[2], $base[3]). Set this to Integer.MAX_VALUE if there is no end limit.
        an iterator over the items between the min and max positions
      • supportsHasNext

        public boolean supportsHasNext()
        Description copied from interface: LookaheadIterator
        Ask whether the hasNext() method can be called. This method must be called before calling hasNext(), because some iterators implement this interface, but only support look-ahead under particular circumstances (this is usually because they delegate to another iterator)
        Specified by:
        supportsHasNext in interface LookaheadIterator
        true if the LookaheadIterator.hasNext() method is available