Class XQueryTraceListener

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    public class XQueryTraceListener
    extends AbstractTraceListener
    A Simple trace listener for XQuery that writes messages (by default) to System.err
    • Constructor Detail

      • XQueryTraceListener

        public XQueryTraceListener()
    • Method Detail

      • getOpeningAttributes

        protected java.lang.String getOpeningAttributes()
        Generate attributes to be included in the opening trace element
        Specified by:
        getOpeningAttributes in class AbstractTraceListener
      • tag

        protected java.lang.String tag​(Traceable info)
        Get the trace element tagname to be used for a particular construct. Return null for trace events that are ignored by this trace listener.
        Specified by:
        tag in class AbstractTraceListener
        info - trace information
      • endRuleSearch

        public void endRuleSearch​(java.lang.Object rule,
                                  Mode mode,
                                  Item item)
        Called at the end of a rule search
        Specified by:
        endRuleSearch in interface TraceListener
        endRuleSearch in class AbstractTraceListener
        rule - the rule that has been selected
        mode - the mode in operation
        item - the item that was checked against