Class XSLUsePackage

    • Constructor Detail

      • XSLUsePackage

        public XSLUsePackage()
    • Method Detail

      • getUsedPackage

        public StylesheetPackage getUsedPackage()
        Get the package to which this xsl:use-package element refers. Assumes that findPackage() has already been called.
        getUsedPackage in class StyleElement
        the package that is referenced.
      • prepareAttributes

        protected void prepareAttributes()
        Description copied from class: StyleElement
        Set the attribute list for the element. This is called to process the attributes (note the distinction from processAttributes in the superclass). Must be supplied in a subclass
        Specified by:
        prepareAttributes in class StyleElement
      • isDeclaration

        public boolean isDeclaration()
        Description copied from class: StyleElement
        Ask whether this node is a declaration, that is, a permitted child of xsl:stylesheet (including xsl:include and xsl:import). The default implementation returns false
        isDeclaration in class StyleElement
        true if the element is a permitted child of xsl:stylesheet or xsl:transform
      • validate

        public void validate​(ComponentDeclaration decl)
        Description copied from class: StyleElement
        Check that the stylesheet element is valid. This is called once for each element, after the entire tree has been built. As well as validation, it can perform first-time initialisation. The default implementation does nothing; it is normally overriden in subclasses.
        validate in class StyleElement
        decl - the declaration to be validated
      • postValidate

        public void postValidate()
                          throws XPathException
        Description copied from class: StyleElement
        Hook to allow additional validation of a parent element immediately after its children have been validated.
        postValidate in class StyleElement
        XPathException - if any error is found during post-traversal validation