Class XSLGlobalContextItem

    • Constructor Detail

      • XSLGlobalContextItem

        public XSLGlobalContextItem()
    • Method Detail

      • isDeclaration

        public boolean isDeclaration()
        Description copied from class: StyleElement
        Ask whether this node is a declaration, that is, a permitted child of xsl:stylesheet (including xsl:include and xsl:import). The default implementation returns false
        isDeclaration in class StyleElement
        true if the element is a permitted child of xsl:stylesheet or xsl:transform
      • validate

        public void validate​(ComponentDeclaration decl)
                      throws XPathException
        Check that the stylesheet element is valid. This is called once for each element, after the entire tree has been built. As well as validation, it can perform first-time initialisation. The default implementation does nothing; it is normally overriden in subclasses.
        validate in class XSLContextItem
        decl - the declaration to be validated
        XPathException - if any error is found during validation
      • index

        public void index​(ComponentDeclaration decl,
                          PrincipalStylesheetModule top)
                   throws XPathException
        Method supplied by declaration elements to add themselves to a stylesheet-level index
        index in class StyleElement
        decl - the Declaration being indexed. (This corresponds to the StyleElement object except in cases where one module is imported several times with different precedence.)
        top - the outermost XSLStylesheet element
        XPathException - if any error is encountered