Class XHTMLPrefixRemover

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    javax.xml.transform.Result, Receiver

    public class XHTMLPrefixRemover
    extends ProxyReceiver
    Filter to change elements in the XHTML, SVG, or MathML namespaces so they have no prefix (that is, to make these the default namespace). This filter must be followed by a NamespaceReducer in case there are any attributes in these namespaces, as this will cause the namespace declarations to be reinstated.
    • Constructor Detail

      • XHTMLPrefixRemover

        public XHTMLPrefixRemover​(Receiver next)
    • Method Detail

      • startElement

        public void startElement​(NodeName elemName,
                                 SchemaType type,
                                 AttributeMap attributes,
                                 NamespaceMap namespaces,
                                 Location location,
                                 int properties)
                          throws XPathException
        Notify the start of an element
        Specified by:
        startElement in interface Receiver
        startElement in class ProxyReceiver
        elemName - the name of the element.
        type - the type annotation of the element.
        attributes - the attributes of this element
        namespaces - the in-scope namespaces of this element: generally this is all the in-scope namespaces, without relying on inheriting namespaces from parent elements
        location - an object providing information about the module, line, and column where the node originated
        properties - bit-significant properties of the element node. If there are no relevant properties, zero is supplied. The definitions of the bits are in class ReceiverOption
        XPathException - if an error occurs