Class RawDestination

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    public class RawDestination
    extends AbstractDestination
    An RawDestination is a Destination that accepts a sequence output by a stylesheet or query and returns it directly as an XdmValue, without constructing an XML tree, and without serialization. It corresponds to the serialization option build-tree="no"
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      • RawDestination

        public RawDestination()
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      • getReceiver

        public Receiver getReceiver​(PipelineConfiguration pipe,
                                    SerializationProperties params)
        Return a Receiver. Saxon calls this method to obtain a Receiver, to which it then sends a sequence of events representing the content of an XML document.
        pipe - The Saxon configuration. This is supplied so that the destination can use information from the configuration (for example, a reference to the name pool) to construct or configure the returned Receiver.
        params - the serialization properties
        the Receiver to which events are to be sent.
      • close

        public void close()
                   throws SaxonApiException
        Close the destination, allowing resources to be released. Saxon calls this method when it has finished writing to the destination.
        SaxonApiException - if any failure occurs
      • getXdmValue

        public XdmValue getXdmValue()
        Return the result sequence, after it has been constructed.

        This method should not be called until the destination has been closed.

        the the result sequence
        java.lang.IllegalStateException - if called during the execution of the process that is writing the tree.