Class REProgram

  • public class REProgram
    extends java.lang.Object
    A class that holds compiled regular expressions.
    • Field Detail

      • minimumLength

        protected int minimumLength
      • fixedLength

        protected int fixedLength
      • optimizationFlags

        protected int optimizationFlags
      • maxParens

        protected int maxParens
      • backtrackingLimit

        protected int backtrackingLimit
    • Constructor Detail

      • REProgram

        public REProgram​(Operation operation,
                         int parens,
                         REFlags flags)
        Constructs a program object from a character array
        operation - Array with RE opcode instructions in it. The "next"
        parens - Count of parens in the program pointers within the operations must already have been converted to absolute offsets.
        flags - the regular expression flags
    • Method Detail

      • setBacktrackingLimit

        public void setBacktrackingLimit​(int limit)
      • getBacktrackingLimit

        public int getBacktrackingLimit()
      • isNullable

        public boolean isNullable()
        Ask whether the regular expression is known statically to match a zero length string
        true if the regex is known statically to match a zero length string. If the result is true, then there is definitely a match; if the result is false, then it is not known statically whether there is a match (this arises when the expression contains back-references).
      • getPrefix

        public UnicodeString getPrefix()
        Returns a copy of the prefix of current regular expression program in a character array. If there is no prefix, or there is no program compiled yet, getPrefix will return null.
        A copy of the prefix of current compiled RE program