Interface QNameTest

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    AnyNodeTest, LocalNameTest, NamespaceTest, NameTest, SameNameTest, UnionQNameTest

    public interface QNameTest
    Interface for tests against a QName. This is implemented by a subset of NodeTests, specifically those that are only concerned with testing a name. It is used for matching error codes against the codes specified in a try/catch clause, and also to match component names in xsl:accept and xsl:expose. The various implementations of QNameTest typically match a node kind as well as node name. This interface, however, is concerned only with matching of QNames, and the ability of an implementation to match a node kind as well is redundant.
    • Method Detail

      • matches

        boolean matches​(StructuredQName qname)
        Test whether the QNameTest matches a given QName
        qname - the QName to be matched
        true if the name matches, false if not
      • exportQNameTest

        java.lang.String exportQNameTest()
        Export the QNameTest as a string for use in a SEF file (typically in a catch clause).
        a string representation of the QNameTest, suitable for use in export files. The format is a sequence of alternatives, space-separated, where each alternative is one of '*', '*:localname', 'Q{uri}*', or 'Q{uri}local'.
      • generateJavaScriptNameTest

        java.lang.String generateJavaScriptNameTest​(int targetVersion)
        Generate Javascript code to test if a name matches the test.
        targetVersion - The version of SaxonJS being targeted
        JS code as a string. The generated code will be used as the body of a JS function in which the argument name "q" is an XdmQName object holding the name. The XdmQName object has properties uri and local.