Class StandardEntityResolver

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    public class StandardEntityResolver
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements org.xml.sax.EntityResolver
    This class is an EntityResolver used to resolve references to common DTDs and entity files, using local copies provided with the Saxon product. It has become necessary to do this because W3C is no longer serving these files from its server. Ideally the job of caching these files would belong to the XML parser, but because many of the parsers were issued years ago, they cannot be relied on to do it.
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      • StandardEntityResolver

        public StandardEntityResolver​(Configuration config)
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      • setConfiguration

        public void setConfiguration​(Configuration config)
        Set configuration details. This is used to control tracing of accesses to files
        config - the Saxon configuration
      • resolveEntity

        public org.xml.sax.InputSource resolveEntity​(java.lang.String publicId,
                                                     java.lang.String systemId)
                                              throws org.xml.sax.SAXException,
        Allow the application to resolve external entities.

        The parser will call this method before opening any external entity except the top-level document entity. Such entities include the external DTD subset and external parameter entities referenced within the DTD (in either case, only if the parser reads external parameter entities), and external general entities referenced within the document element (if the parser reads external general entities). The application may request that the parser locate the entity itself, that it use an alternative URI, or that it use data provided by the application (as a character or byte input stream).

        Application writers can use this method to redirect external system identifiers to secure and/or local URIs, to look up public identifiers in a catalogue, or to read an entity from a database or other input source (including, for example, a dialog box). Neither XML nor SAX specifies a preferred policy for using public or system IDs to resolve resources. However, SAX specifies how to interpret any InputSource returned by this method, and that if none is returned, then the system ID will be dereferenced as a URL.

        If the system identifier is a URL, the SAX parser must resolve it fully before reporting it to the application.

        Specified by:
        resolveEntity in interface org.xml.sax.EntityResolver
        publicId - The public identifier of the external entity being referenced, or null if none was supplied.
        systemId - The system identifier of the external entity being referenced.
        An InputSource object describing the new input source, or null to request that the parser open a regular URI connection to the system identifier.
        org.xml.sax.SAXException - Any SAX exception, possibly wrapping another exception.
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