Interface Resource

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    BinaryResource, FailedResource, JSONResource, MetadataResource, UnknownResource, UnparsedTextResource, XmlResource

    public interface Resource
    This interface defines a Resource. The Resource objects belong to a collection. It is used to support the fn:collection() and fn:uri-collection() functions.

    It is recommended (but is not universally the case) that fetching (and where necessary parsing) the content of a Resource should be delayed until the getItem() method is called. This means that errors in fetching the resource or parsing its contents may go undetected until the resource is materialized in this way.

    • Method Detail

      • getResourceURI

        java.lang.String getResourceURI()
        Get a URI that identifies this resource
        a URI identifying this resource
      • getItem

        Item getItem()
              throws XPathException
        Get an XDM Item holding the contents of this resource.
        an item holding the contents of the resource. The type of item will reflect the type of the resource: a document node for XML resources, a string for text resources, a map or array for JSON resources, a base64Binary value for binary resource. May also return null if the resource cannot be materialized and this is not to be treated as an error.
        XPathException - if a failure occurs materializing the resource, and errors are to be treated as fatal
      • getContentType

        java.lang.String getContentType()
        Get the media type (MIME type) of the resource if known
        the media type if known; otherwise null