Class InvalidityHandlerWrappingErrorReporter

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    public class InvalidityHandlerWrappingErrorReporter
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements InvalidityHandler
    Interface for reporting validation errors found during validation of an instance document against a schema.
    • Constructor Detail

      • InvalidityHandlerWrappingErrorReporter

        public InvalidityHandlerWrappingErrorReporter​(ErrorReporter errorReporter)
    • Method Detail

      • startReporting

        public void startReporting​(java.lang.String systemId)
                            throws XPathException
        At the start of a validation episode, initialize the handler
        Specified by:
        startReporting in interface InvalidityHandler
        systemId - optional; may be used to represent the destination of any report produced
        XPathException - if initialization of the invalidity handler fails for any reason
      • reportInvalidity

        public void reportInvalidity​(Invalidity failure)
                              throws XPathException
        Description copied from interface: InvalidityHandler
        Report a validation error found during validation of an instance document against a schema
        Specified by:
        reportInvalidity in interface InvalidityHandler
        failure - details of the validation error
        XPathException - - if the validation error cannot be reported. This is fatal and will cause the validation run to be abandoned
      • endReporting

        public Sequence endReporting()
        Get the value to be associated with a validation exception. May return null. In the case of the InvalidityReportGenerator, this returns the XML document containing the validation report
        Specified by:
        endReporting in interface InvalidityHandler
        a value (or null). This will be the value returned as the value of the variable $err:value during try/catch processing