Class ResolveQName

    • Constructor Detail

      • ResolveQName

        public ResolveQName()
    • Method Detail

      • call

        public Sequence call​(XPathContext context,
                             Sequence[] arguments)
                      throws XPathException
        Evaluate the expression
        context - the dynamic evaluation context
        arguments - the values of the arguments, supplied as SequenceIterators
        the result of the evaluation, in the form of a SequenceIterator
        XPathException - if a dynamic error occurs during the evaluation of the expression
      • resolveQName

        public static QNameValue resolveQName​(java.lang.String lexicalQName,
                                              NodeInfo element)
                                       throws XPathException
        Static method to resolve a lexical QName against the namespace context of a supplied element node
        lexicalQName - the lexical QName
        element - the element node whose namespace context is to be used
        the result of resolving the QName
        XPathException - if the supplied value is not a valid lexical QName, or if its namespace prefix is not in scope