Class PathMap.PathMapArc

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class PathMap.PathMapArc
    extends java.lang.Object
    An arc joining two nodes in the path map. The arc has a target (destination) node, and is labelled with an AxisExpression representing a step in a path expression
    • Constructor Detail

      • PathMapArc

        protected PathMapArc​(int axis,
                             NodeTest test,
                             PathMap.PathMapNode target)
        Create a PathMapArc
        axis - the axis (a constant from class AxisInfo
        test - the node test
        target - the node reached by following this arc
    • Method Detail

      • getAxis

        public int getAxis()
        Get the Axis associated with this arc
        the axis, a constant from class AxisInfo
      • getNodeTest

        public NodeTest getNodeTest()
        Get the NodeTest associated with this arc
        the NodeTest
      • getTarget

        public PathMap.PathMapNode getTarget()
        Get the target node representing the destination of this arc
        the target node