Interface CodeInjector

    • Method Detail

      • inject

        default Expression inject​(Expression exp)
        Process an expression.
        exp - the expression to be processed
        a new expression. Possibly the original expression unchanged; possibly a wrapper expression (such as a TraceExpression; possibly a modified version of the original expression. The default implementation returns the supplied expression unchanged.
      • process

        default void process​(TraceableComponent component)
        Process a component such as a function, template, or global variable. The default implementation does nothing.
        component - the component to be processed
      • injectClause

        default Clause injectClause​(FLWORExpression expression,
                                    Clause clause)
        Insert a tracing or monitoring clause into the pipeline of clauses that evaluates a FLWOR expression
        expression - the containing FLWOR expression
        clause - the clause whose execution is being monitored
        an injected clause; or the original. The default implementation returns the original clause unchanged.