Class SingularityPull

  • public class SingularityPull
    extends TuplePull
    The "singularity" tuple stream delivers a single empty tuple. It is the base tuple stream for the outermost for/let clause in a FLWOR expression
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      boolean nextTuple​(XPathContext context)
      Move on to the next tuple.
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      • SingularityPull

        public SingularityPull()
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      • nextTuple

        public boolean nextTuple​(XPathContext context)
        Move on to the next tuple. Before returning, this method must set all the variables corresponding to the "returned" tuple in the local stack frame associated with the context object
        Specified by:
        nextTuple in class TuplePull
        context - the dynamic evaluation context
        true if another tuple has been generated; false if the tuple stream is exhausted. If the method returns false, the values of the local variables corresponding to this tuple stream are undefined.