Class ListConstructorFunction

    • Constructor Detail

      • ListConstructorFunction

        public ListConstructorFunction​(ListType targetType,
                                       NamespaceResolver resolver,
                                       boolean allowEmpty)
                                throws MissingComponentException
        Create the constructor function.
        targetType - the type to which the function will convert its input
        resolver - namespace resolver for use if the target type is namespace-sensitive
        allowEmpty - true if the input is allowed to be an empty sequence
        MissingComponentException - if the target type has not been declared
    • Method Detail

      • getTargetType

        public ListType getTargetType()
        Get the list type
        the last type to which we are casting
      • getMemberType

        public SimpleType getMemberType()
        Get the list item type (member type)
        the item type of the list
      • isAllowEmpty

        public boolean isAllowEmpty()
        Ask whether an empty sequence is allowed
        true if passing an empty sequence is allowed (and returns empty)
      • getFunctionItemType

        public FunctionItemType getFunctionItemType()
        Get the item type of the function item
        the function item's type
      • getFunctionName

        public StructuredQName getFunctionName()
        Get the name of the function, or null if it is anonymous
        the function name, or null for an anonymous inline function
      • getDescription

        public java.lang.String getDescription()
        Get a description of this function for use in error messages. For named functions, the description is the function name (as a lexical QName). For others, it might be, for example, "inline function", or "partially-applied ends-with function".
        a description of the function for use in error messages
      • getArity

        public int getArity()
        Get the arity of the function
        the number of arguments in the function signature
      • call

        public AtomicSequence call​(XPathContext context,
                                   Sequence[] args)
                            throws XPathException
        Invoke the function
        context - the XPath dynamic evaluation context
        args - the actual arguments to be supplied
        the result of invoking the function
        XPathException - if a dynamic error occurs within the function