Class PullToStax.SourceStreamLocation

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    public static class PullToStax.SourceStreamLocation
    extends java.lang.Object
    Bridge a SAX SourceLocator to a
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      • SourceStreamLocation

        public SourceStreamLocation​(Location locator)
        Create a StAX SourceStreamLocation object based on a given SAX SourceLocator
        locator - the SAX SourceLocator
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        public int getCharacterOffset()
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        getCharacterOffset in interface
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        public int getColumnNumber()
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        getColumnNumber in interface
      • getLineNumber

        public int getLineNumber()
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        getLineNumber in interface
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        public java.lang.String getPublicId()
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        getPublicId in interface
      • getSystemId

        public java.lang.String getSystemId()
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        getSystemId in interface