Class RuleEE

  • public class RuleEE
    extends Rule
    A Rule with associated preconditions
    • Constructor Detail

      • RuleEE

        public RuleEE()
      • RuleEE

        public RuleEE​(Pattern p,
                      RuleTarget o,
                      int prec,
                      int min,
                      double prio,
                      int seq,
                      int part)
    • Method Detail

      • copy

        public Rule copy​(boolean copyChain)
        copy in class Rule
      • getPreconditions

        public java.util.List<Precondition> getPreconditions()
        Get the preconditions for this rule
        a list of preconditions that must be satisfied if this rule is to match
      • addPrecondition

        public void addPrecondition​(Precondition condition)
        Add a precondition for this rule
        condition - a precondition that must be satisfied if this rule is to match
      • checkPreconditions

        public boolean checkPreconditions​(PreconditionMatcher state)
                                   throws XPathException
        Check that all preconditions for this rule are satisfied
        state - holds the state for matching all rules on a rule-chain, including values of common subexpressions
        true if all preconditions are satisfied
        XPathException - if evaluation of a precondition fails