Class TypeHierarchyEE

  • public class TypeHierarchyEE
    extends TypeHierarchy
    Refinement of the TypeHierarchy class to handle function items and schema-aware types such as schema-element(A).
    • Constructor Detail

      • TypeHierarchyEE

        public TypeHierarchyEE​(Configuration config)
    • Method Detail

      • computeContentRelationship

        protected Affinity computeContentRelationship​(ItemType t1,
                                                      ItemType t2,
                                                      java.util.Optional<IntSet> on1,
                                                      java.util.Optional<IntSet> on2)
        Compute the relationship between the allowed content-types of two types
        computeContentRelationship in class TypeHierarchy
        t1 - the first type
        t2 - the second types
        on1 - the set of element names allowed by the first type
        on2 - the set of element names allowed by the second type
        the relationship (same type, subsumes, overlaps, subsumed-by)