Class CompareToIntegerConstantCompiler

  • public class CompareToIntegerConstantCompiler
    extends ToBooleanCompiler
    Generate code for a CompareToIntegerConstant
    • Constructor Detail

      • CompareToIntegerConstantCompiler

        public CompareToIntegerConstantCompiler()
    • Method Detail

      • compileToBoolean

        public void compileToBoolean​(CompilerService compiler,
                                     Expression expression)
                              throws CannotCompileException
        Description copied from class: ExpressionCompiler
        Generate bytecode to evaluate the expression as a boolean Precondition: none. Postcondition: at execution time, the stack contains an integer (0=false, 1=true) representing the result of the expression
        Specified by:
        compileToBoolean in class ExpressionCompiler
        compiler - the compiler service
        expression - the expression to be compiled
        CannotCompileException - if the expression cannot be compiled to bytecode