Class ExternalObjectType

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    public abstract class ExternalObjectType
    extends AnyExternalObjectType
    This class represents the type of an external object returned by an extension function, or supplied as an external variable/parameter.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExternalObjectType

        public ExternalObjectType()
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public abstract java.lang.String getName()
        Get the name of this type.
        the fully qualified name of the Java or .NET class.
      • getTypeName

        public abstract StructuredQName getTypeName()
        Get the name of this type
        a name whose namespace indicates the space of Java or .net classes, and whose local name is derived from the fully qualified name of the Java or .net class
      • isPlainType

        public final boolean isPlainType()
        Ask whether this is a plain type (a type whose instances are always atomic values)
        Specified by:
        isPlainType in interface ItemType
        isPlainType in class AnyExternalObjectType
        false. External object types are not considered to be atomic types