Class TinyTextImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    javax.xml.transform.Source, javax.xml.transform.SourceLocator, GroundedValue, Item, NodeInfo, Sequence, Location, org.xml.sax.Locator

    public final class TinyTextImpl
    extends TinyNodeImpl
    A node in the XML parse tree representing character content
    • Constructor Detail

      • TinyTextImpl

        public TinyTextImpl​(TinyTree tree,
                            int nodeNr)
        Create a text node
        tree - the tree to contain the node
        nodeNr - the internal node number
    • Method Detail

      • getStringValue

        public java.lang.String getStringValue()
        Return the character value of the node.
        the string value of the node
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      • getStringValue

        public static java.lang.CharSequence getStringValue​(TinyTree tree,
                                                            int nodeNr)
        Static method to get the string value of a text node without first constructing the node object
        tree - the tree
        nodeNr - the node number of the text node
        the string value of the text node
      • getNodeKind

        public final int getNodeKind()
        Return the type of node.
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      • copy

        public void copy​(Receiver out,
                         int copyOptions,
                         Location locationId)
                  throws XPathException
        Copy this node to a given outputter
        out - the Receiver to which the node should be copied. It is the caller's responsibility to ensure that this Receiver is open before the method is called (or that it is self-opening), and that it is closed after use.
        copyOptions - a selection of the options defined in CopyOptions
        locationId - If non-null, identifies the location of the instruction that requested this copy. If zero, indicates that the location information is not available
        XPathException - if any downstream error occurs
      • atomize

        public AtomicSequence atomize()
                               throws XPathException
        Get the typed value. However, this method is often more convenient and may be more efficient, especially in the common case where the value is expected to be a singleton.
        the typed value. It will be a Value representing a sequence whose items are atomic values.
        XPathException - if the node has no typed value, for example if it is an element node with element-only content