Class TinyParentNodeImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • TinyParentNodeImpl

        public TinyParentNodeImpl()
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      • hasChildNodes

        public boolean hasChildNodes()
        Determine if the node has children.
        Specified by:
        hasChildNodes in interface NodeInfo
        hasChildNodes in class TinyNodeImpl
        true if this node has any attributes, false otherwise.
      • getStringValue

        public java.lang.String getStringValue()
        Return the string-value of the node, that is, the concatenation of the character content of all descendent elements and text nodes.
        the accumulated character content of the element, including descendant elements.
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      • getStringValueCS

        public static java.lang.CharSequence getStringValueCS​(TinyTree tree,
                                                              int nodeNr)
        Get the string value of a node. This static method allows the string value of a node to be obtained without instantiating the node as a Java object. The method also returns a CharSequence rather than a string, which means it can sometimes avoid copying the data.
        tree - The containing document
        nodeNr - identifies the node whose string value is required. This must be a document or element node. The caller is trusted to ensure this.
        the string value of the node, as a CharSequence