Interface InstructionInfo

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    Location, org.xml.sax.Locator, javax.xml.transform.SourceLocator

    public interface InstructionInfo
    extends Location
    Information about an instruction in the stylesheet or a construct in a Query, made available at run-time to a TraceListener. Although the class is mainly used to provide information for diagnostics, it also has a role in detecting circularities among global variables.
    • Method Detail

      • getObjectName

        StructuredQName getObjectName()
        Get a name identifying the object of the expression, for example a function name, template name, variable name, key name, element name, etc. This is used only where the name is known statically.
        the QName of the object declared or manipulated by this instruction or expression
      • getProperty

        java.lang.Object getProperty​(java.lang.String name)
        Get the value of a particular property of the instruction. Properties of XSLT instructions are generally known by the name of the stylesheet attribute that defines them.
        name - The name of the required property
        The value of the requested property, or null if the property is not available
      • getProperties

        java.util.Iterator<java.lang.String> getProperties()
        Get an iterator over all the properties available. The values returned by the iterator will be of type String, and each string can be supplied as input to the getProperty() method to retrieve the value of the property. The iterator may return properties whose value is null.
        an iterator over the properties.