Class SerializationParamsHandler

  • public class SerializationParamsHandler
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class handles a set of serialization parameters provided in the form of an XDM instance as specified in the Serialization 3.0 definition, section 3.1
    • Constructor Detail

      • SerializationParamsHandler

        public SerializationParamsHandler()
      • SerializationParamsHandler

        public SerializationParamsHandler​(java.util.Properties props)
    • Method Detail

      • setLocator

        public void setLocator​(Location locator)
        Set the location of the instruction to be used for error message reporting
        locator - the location for error reporting
      • setSerializationParams

        public void setSerializationParams​(NodeInfo node)
                                    throws XPathException
        Set the serialization parameters in the form of an XDM instance
        node - either the serialization-parameters element node, or a document node having this element as its only child
        XPathException - if incorrect serialization parameters are found
      • getSerializationProperties

        public SerializationProperties getSerializationProperties()
        Get the output properties represented by this serialization parameter document
        the output properties obtained by parsing and validating this serialization parameter document