Class XdmDestination

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    public class XdmDestination
    extends AbstractDestination
    An XdmDestination is a Destination in which an XdmNode is constructed to hold the output of a query or transformation: that is, a tree using Saxon's implementation of the XDM data model

    No data needs to be supplied to the XdmDestination object. The query or transformation populates an XdmNode, which may then be retrieved using the getXdmNode method.

    An XdmDestination is designed to hold a single tree rooted at a document node. If the result of a query is an arbitrary sequence, it will be normalized according to the rules of the "sequence normalization" operation described in the W3C XSLT/XQuery Serialization Recommendation, which results in either a single document node, or an error.

    An XdmDestination can be reused to hold the results of a second query or transformation only if the reset() method is first called to reset its state.

    If an XDM tree is to be built from a lexical XML document, or programmatically from the application by writing a sequence of events, the recommended mechanism is to use a DocumentBuilder rather than this class.

    9.1. Changed in 9.9 to perform sequence normalization, so the result is always a single document node. To get the raw results of a query or stylesheet without sequence normalization, use a RawDestination.
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      • XdmDestination

        public XdmDestination()
    • Method Detail

      • setBaseURI

        public void setBaseURI​( baseURI)
        Set the base URI for the document node that will be created when the XdmDestination is written to. If used, this method must be called before writing to the destination; it has no effect on any XdmNode that has already been constructed.

        If no base URI is set, nodes written to this destination will typically take their base URI from the location of the event that created the node. For a node written by a query or stylesheet, this will typically be the static base URI of the instruction that created the node. For a node written by a schema validator, it will typically be the base URI of the node being validated in the source document.

        baseURI - the base URI for the node that will be constructed when the XdmDestination is written to. This must be an absolute URI
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if the baseURI supplied is not an absolute URI
      • getBaseURI

        public getBaseURI()
        Get the base URI that will be used for the document node when the XdmDestination is written to.
        the base URI that will be used for the node that is constructed when the XdmDestination is written to.
      • getReceiver

        public Receiver getReceiver​(PipelineConfiguration pipe,
                                    SerializationProperties params)
        Return a Receiver. Saxon calls this method to obtain a Receiver, to which it then sends a sequence of events representing the content of an XML document.
        pipe - The Saxon configuration. This is supplied so that the destination can use information from the configuration (for example, a reference to the name pool) to construct or configure the returned Receiver.
        params - The serialization properties requested. Largely irrelevant for this Destination, except perhaps for item-separator.
        the Receiver to which events are to be sent.
      • close

        public void close()
        Close the destination, allowing resources to be released. Saxon calls this method when it has finished writing to the destination.
      • getXdmNode

        public XdmNode getXdmNode()
        Return the node at the root of the tree, after it has been constructed.

        This method should not be called while the tree is under construction.

        the root node of the tree (always a document or element node); or null if nothing is written to the tree (for example, the result of a query that returns the empty sequence)
        java.lang.IllegalStateException - if called during the execution of the process that is writing the tree.
      • reset

        public void reset()
        Allow the XdmDestination to be reused, without resetting other properties of the destination.