Class REFlags

  • public class REFlags
    extends java.lang.Object
    Class representing a set of regular expression flags (some combination of i, m, s, x, q). Also contains options affecting the regular expression dialect: whether or not XPath 2.0 and XPath 3.0 extensions to XSD regex syntax are accepted.
    • Constructor Detail

      • REFlags

        public REFlags​(java.lang.String flags,
                       java.lang.String language)
        Create the regular expression flags
        flags - a string containing zero or more of 'i', 'x', 'm', 's'
        language - one of "XSD10", "XSD11", "XP20", or "XP30" indicating the regular expression dialect. Also allow combinations, e.g. "XP20/XSD11".
    • Method Detail

      • isCaseIndependent

        public boolean isCaseIndependent()
      • isMultiLine

        public boolean isMultiLine()
      • isSingleLine

        public boolean isSingleLine()
      • isAllowWhitespace

        public boolean isAllowWhitespace()
      • isLiteral

        public boolean isLiteral()
      • isAllowsXPath20Extensions

        public boolean isAllowsXPath20Extensions()
      • isAllowsXPath30Extensions

        public boolean isAllowsXPath30Extensions()
      • isAllowsXSD11Syntax

        public boolean isAllowsXSD11Syntax()
      • setDebug

        public void setDebug​(boolean debug)
      • isDebug

        public boolean isDebug()
      • setAllowUnknownBlockNames

        public void setAllowUnknownBlockNames​(boolean allow)
      • isAllowUnknownBlockNames

        public boolean isAllowUnknownBlockNames()