Class PullPushTee

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    public class PullPushTee
    extends PullFilter
    PullPushTee is a pass-through filter class that links one PullProvider to another PullProvider in a pipeline, copying all events that are read into a push pipeline, supplied in the form of a Receiver.

    This class can be used to insert a schema validator into a pull pipeline, since Saxon's schema validation is push-based. It could also be used to insert a serializer into the pipeline, allowing the XML document being "pulled" to be displayed for diagnostic purposes.

    • Constructor Detail

      • PullPushTee

        public PullPushTee​(PullProvider base,
                           Receiver branch)
        Create a PullPushTee
        base - the PullProvider to which requests are to be passed
        branch - the Receiver to which all events are to be copied, as "push" events. This Receiver must already be open before use
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      • getReceiver

        public Receiver getReceiver()
        Get the Receiver to which events are being tee'd.
        the Receiver