Package net.sf.saxon

This package provides the core classes of the SAXON XSLT library.

Some of the more important classes are listed below:

This is the command line interface to the XQuery processor, allowing you to run a supplied query against a given source document.

This is the command line interface to the XSLT processor, allowing you to apply a given stylesheet to a given source document.

This class holds all the Saxon configuration information, and acts as the fundamental factory class holding central resources and creating components such as validators and serializers.

This represents a compiled XSLT stylesheet in memory. It is Saxon's implementation of the javax.xml.transform.Templates interface defined in JAXP 1.1

This class represents the context information for a single execution of an XSLT stylesheet, and allows the application to process the tree navigationally. It is Saxon's implementation of the Transformer interface defined in JAXP 1.1. It calls user-supplied handlers registered with the RuleManager.