Package net.sf.saxon.option.sql

This package provides some sample extension elements for loading data into an SQL database.

These classes are not intended as a production-quality tool, rather as an illustration of what can be achieved using XSLT extension instructions.

Because Saxon-HE (home edition) does not support the use of XSLT extension instructions, these classes require Saxon-PE (professional edition) or Saxon-EE (enterprise edition). However, the code of the extension itself is open source and is issued under the Mozilla Public License, meaning it can be freely modified.

The classes are not distributed in the main JAR file, but in a separate saxon9-sql.jar file, which must be added to the classpath when these extensions are used. In addition, the extension must be registered with the Saxon Configuration. This can be done either by calling the method Configuration.setExtensionElementNamespace(), or by including a line such as the following in the configuration file:

<extensionElement namespace="" factory="net.sf.saxon.option.sql.SQLElementFactory"/>

The extension can be registered under any namespace. The conventional namespace is, and the conventional prefix is sql.

These SQL extensions are documented in the file sql-extension.html in the main documentation directory.