Interface Resource

    • Method Detail

      • getResourceURI

        java.lang.String getResourceURI()
        Get a URI that identifies this resource
        a URI identifying this resource
      • getItem

        Item getItem​(XPathContext context)
              throws XPathException
        Get an XDM Item holding the contents of this resource.
        context - the XPath evaluation context
        an item holding the contents of the resource. The type of item will reflect the type of the resource: a document node for XML resources, a string for text resources, a map or array for JSON resources, a base64Binary value for binary resource. May also return null if the resource cannot be materialized and this is not to be treated as an error.
        XPathException - if a failure occurs materializing the resource
      • getContentType

        java.lang.String getContentType()
        Get the media type (MIME type) of the resource if known
        the media type if known; otherwise null