Class ReceivingDestination

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    public class ReceivingDestination
    extends AbstractDestination
    An implementation of Destination that simply wraps a supplied Receiver

    The supplied Receiver will be wrapped in a sequence normalizer unless requested otherwise. Specifically, it is wrapped unless the method acceptsRawOutput() returns true.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ReceivingDestination

        public ReceivingDestination​(Receiver target)
        Create a ReceivingDestination that wraps a supplied Receiver
        target - the supplied Receiver. This must accept a regular event sequence as defined in RegularSequenceChecker
    • Method Detail

      • getReceiver

        public Receiver getReceiver​(PipelineConfiguration pipe,
                                    SerializationProperties properties)
        Get a Receiver to which events may be sent. For this implementation, this will be the wrapped Receiver.
        pipe - The Saxon configuration. Not used in this implementation.
        properties - The required serialization properties (not used)
        the wrapped Receiver
      • acceptsRawOutput

        public boolean acceptsRawOutput()
        Ask whether this receiver accepts raw output, that is, an arbitrary sequence of items not necessarily forming an XML document or element tree. May be overridden in a subclass.
        false unless one of the following conditions is true:
        1. The Receiver is an instance of SequenceNormalizer
        2. The Receiver implements ReceiverWithOutputProperties, and a call on getOutputProperties(SaxonOutputPropertes.REQUIRE_WELL_FORMED) returns "no"
        3. The method {#acceptRawOutput()} is implemented in a subclass of ReceivingDestination, and returns false.
      • close

        public void close()
                   throws SaxonApiException
        Description copied from interface: Destination
        Close the destination, allowing resources to be released. Saxon calls this method when it has finished writing to the destination.

        The close() method should not cause any adverse effects if it is called more than once. If any other method is called after the close() call, the results are undefined. This means that a Destination is not, in general, serially reusable.

        If an Destination.onClose(net.sf.saxon.s9api.Action) action has been associated with the destination, this will be called after the destination is closed.

        SaxonApiException - if any failure occurs