Class Number_1

    • Constructor Detail

      • Number_1

        public Number_1()
    • Method Detail

      • resultWhenEmpty

        public ZeroOrOne resultWhenEmpty()
        Description copied from class: ScalarSystemFunction
        Method that may be supplied in subclasses, to indicate the result that is returned when an empty sequence is supplied as the argument value. The default is to return the empty sequence
        resultWhenEmpty in class ScalarSystemFunction
        the result of evaluation when the supplied argument is an empty sequence
      • toNumber

        public static DoubleValue toNumber​(AtomicValue arg0)
        The actual implementation logic
        arg0 - the atomic value to be converted
        the result of the conversion
      • convert

        public static DoubleValue convert​(AtomicValue value,
                                          Configuration config)
        Static method to perform the same conversion as the number() function. This is different from the convert(Type.DOUBLE) in that it produces NaN rather than an error for non-numeric operands.
        value - the value to be converted
        config - the Saxon configuration
        the result of the conversion
      • getCompilerName

        public java.lang.String getCompilerName()
        Description copied from class: SystemFunction
        Get the (local) name of a class that can be used to generate bytecode for this system function
        getCompilerName in class SystemFunction
        the name of a bytecode generation class, or null if there is no bytecode support for this function