Class IsIdRef

  • public class IsIdRef
    extends ExtensionFunctionDefinition
    This class implements the saxon:is-idref() extension function, which is specially-recognized by the system because calls are generated by the optimizer.

    The function signature is saxon:is-idref() as boolean

    The result is true if the context item is a node having the idref property.

    • Constructor Detail

      • IsIdRef

        public IsIdRef()
    • Method Detail

      • getMinimumNumberOfArguments

        public int getMinimumNumberOfArguments()
        Get the minimum number of arguments required by the function
        getMinimumNumberOfArguments in class ExtensionFunctionDefinition
        the minimum number of arguments that must be supplied in a call to this function
      • getMaximumNumberOfArguments

        public int getMaximumNumberOfArguments()
        Get the maximum number of arguments allowed by the function
        getMaximumNumberOfArguments in class ExtensionFunctionDefinition
        the maximum number of arguments that may be supplied in a call to this function
      • getArgumentTypes

        public SequenceType[] getArgumentTypes()
        Get the required types for the arguments of this function, counting from zero
        Specified by:
        getArgumentTypes in class ExtensionFunctionDefinition
        the required types of the argument, as defined by the function signature. Normally this should be an array of size getMaximumNumberOfArguments(); however for functions that allow a variable number of arguments, the array can be smaller than this, with the last entry in the array providing the required type for all the remaining arguments.
      • getResultType

        public SequenceType getResultType​(SequenceType[] suppliedArgumentTypes)
        Get the type of the result of the function
        Specified by:
        getResultType in class ExtensionFunctionDefinition
        suppliedArgumentTypes - the static types of the arguments to the function. This is provided so that a more precise result type can be returned in the common case where the type of the result depends on the type of the first argument. The value will be null if the function call has no arguments.
        the return type of the function, as defined by its function signature
      • makeCallExpression

        public ExtensionFunctionCall makeCallExpression()
        Create a call on this function. This method is called by the compiler when it identifies a function call that calls this function.
        Specified by:
        makeCallExpression in class ExtensionFunctionDefinition
        an expression representing a call of this extension function