Class WindowClause.Window

  • Enclosing class:

    protected static class WindowClause.Window
    extends java.lang.Object
    Information about a window: the items making up the window, as well as the variables relating to the start and end of the window, and the status of the winoow in relation to the processing of the current input sequence.
    • Field Detail

      • startItem

        public Item startItem
      • startPosition

        public int startPosition
      • startPreviousItem

        public Item startPreviousItem
      • startNextItem

        public Item startNextItem
      • endItem

        public Item endItem
      • endPosition

        public int endPosition
      • endPreviousItem

        public Item endPreviousItem
      • endNextItem

        public Item endNextItem
      • contents

        public java.util.List<Item> contents
      • isDespatched

        public boolean isDespatched
    • Constructor Detail

      • Window

        protected Window()
    • Method Detail

      • isFinished

        public boolean isFinished()
        Ask whether we have found the last item in the window
        true if we have found the last item; false if we are still looking for it.
      • isDespatched

        public boolean isDespatched()
        Ask whether the tuple corresponding to this window has been despatched to the output tuple stream. This does not always happen immediately the end item is determined, because tuples corresponding to the various windows must be despached in order of their start items.
        true if the tuple corresponding to this window has been despatched.