Class LetClausePush

  • public class LetClausePush
    extends TuplePush
    Implements the changes to a tuple stream effected by the Let clause in a FLWOR expression
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      void close()
      Close the tuple stream, indicating that no more tuples will be supplied
      void processTuple​(XPathContext context)
      Notify the availability of the next tuple.
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      • processTuple

        public void processTuple​(XPathContext context)
                          throws XPathException
        Description copied from class: TuplePush
        Notify the availability of the next tuple. Before calling this method, the supplier of the tuples must set all the variables corresponding to the supplied tuple in the local stack frame associated with the context object
        Specified by:
        processTuple in class TuplePush
        context - the dynamic evaluation context
        XPathException - if a dynamic error occurs