Class Parse

    • Constructor Detail

      • Parse

        public Parse()
    • Method Detail

      • call

        public NodeInfo call​(XPathContext context,
                             Sequence[] arguments)
                      throws XPathException
        Evaluate this function call at run-time
        context - The XPath dynamic evaluation context
        arguments - The values of the arguments to the function call. Each argument value (which is in general a sequence) is supplied in the form of an iterator over the items in the sequence. If required, the supplied sequence can be materialized by calling, for example, new SequenceExtent(arguments[i]). If the argument is always a singleton, then the single item may be obtained by calling arguments[i].next(). The implementation is not obliged to read all the items in each SequenceIterator if they are not required to compute the result; but if any SequenceIterator is not read to completion, it is good practice to call its close() method.
        an iterator over the results of the function. If the result is a single item, it can be returned in the form of a SingletonIterator. If the result is an empty sequence, the method should return EmptyIterator.getInstance()
        XPathException - if a dynamic error occurs during evaluation of the function. The Saxon run-time code will add information about the error location.
      • setXMLReader

        protected void setXMLReader​(Configuration config,
                                    ParseOptions source)
                             throws XPathException
        Set the XML parser to be used, if different from the default XML parser
        config - the Saxon configuration
        source - the ParseOptions object to be updated with the selected parser
        XPathException - if the selected parser cannot be loaded