Class InspectionAdjunct

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      • InspectionAdjunct

        public InspectionAdjunct()
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      • getWatchMaker

        public WatchMaker getWatchMaker​(boolean forGrouping)
                                 throws XPathException
        Description copied from class: StreamingAdjunct
        Get a WatchMaker, a factory class that creates a Watch to evaluate this expression in streaming mode. This method will only be called if the getImplementationMethod() method of the expression includes the value Expression.WATCH_METHOD
        getWatchMaker in class StreamingAdjunct
        forGrouping - true if the selected items are being grouped
        a Watchmaker to evaluate the expression, or null if it is not streamable with respect to the specificed argument.
        XPathException - in the event of a failure
      • getInspectionWatchMaker

        protected final WatchMaker getInspectionWatchMaker​(Expression parent,
                                                           Expression select,
                                                           boolean forGrouping)
                                                    throws XPathException
        This is a utility method for subclasses; it provides a WatchMaker suitable for all constructs that perform inspection on a sequence, for example exists(), count(), empty(), boolean(), not(), instanceOf.
        parent - the expression, typically one of the above function calls
        select - the argument to the inspection construct, typically the first argument of one of the above function calls
        forGrouping -
        a WatchMaker that feeds the selected nodes (as FleetingNode instances) to the Feed provided by this construct. Because this is an inspection construct, it is assumed able to compute the result by looking at the FleetingNode objects alone.
        XPathException - in the event of a dynamic error.