Class SchemaFactoryImpl.ErrorReporterWrappingErrorHandler

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    public static class SchemaFactoryImpl.ErrorReporterWrappingErrorHandler
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements ErrorReporter
    A JAXP ErrorListener that wraps a SAX ErrorHandler
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      ErrorReporterWrappingErrorHandler​(org.xml.sax.ErrorHandler handler)
      Create an ErrorListener that wraps a supplied SAX ErrorHandler
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      org.xml.sax.ErrorHandler getErrorHandler()
      Get the wrapped SAX ErrorHandler
      void report​(XmlProcessingError error)
      Report an error.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ErrorReporterWrappingErrorHandler

        public ErrorReporterWrappingErrorHandler​(org.xml.sax.ErrorHandler handler)
        Create an ErrorListener that wraps a supplied SAX ErrorHandler
        handler - the SAX error handler to be wrapped
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      • report

        public void report​(XmlProcessingError error)
        Description copied from interface: ErrorReporter
        Report an error. This method is called by Saxon when an error needs to be reported to the calling application.

        The application can safely ignore the error if XmlProcessingError.isWarning() returns true.

        The application can indicate to Saxon that the error should be considered fatal by calling StaticError.setFatal(String). The precise effect of marking an error as fatal is not defined, and may depend on the circumstances; in some cases it may have no effect. If a dynamic error is marked as fatal then an attempt to catch the error using a try/catch construct in XSLT or XQuery will generally be unsuccessful.

        Specified by:
        report in interface ErrorReporter
        error - details of the error to be reported
      • getErrorHandler

        public org.xml.sax.ErrorHandler getErrorHandler()
        Get the wrapped SAX ErrorHandler
        the wrapped SAX ErrorHandler