Package com.saxonica

Class Validate

  • public class Validate
    extends java.lang.Object
    This Validate class provides a command line interface that allows validation of a source document against a schema, and/or checking that a source schema is a valid schema.

    Apart from error and optional progress messages, no output is produced.

    • Field Detail

      • useURLs

        protected boolean useURLs
      • showTime

        protected boolean showTime
      • repeat

        protected int repeat
      • validationMode

        protected java.lang.String validationMode
      • xsdLanguageVersion

        protected int xsdLanguageVersion
      • topLevelElementName

        protected java.lang.String topLevelElementName
    • Constructor Detail

      • Validate

        public Validate()
    • Method Detail

      • main

        public static void main​(java.lang.String[] args)
        Main program, can be used directly from the command line.
        args - List of arguments supplied on operating system command line
      • setConfiguration

        protected void setConfiguration()
        Create the configuration. This method is intended to be overridden in a subclass
      • setPermittedOptions

        public void setPermittedOptions​(CommandLineOptions options)
        Set the options that are recognized on the command line. This method can be overridden in a subclass to define additional command line options.
        options - the CommandLineOptions in which the recognized options are to be registered.
      • doValidate

        public int doValidate​(java.lang.String[] args)
        Support method for main program. This support method can also be invoked from subclasses that support the same command line interface. It also provides a surrogate for the command line interface that is amenable to JUnit testing. Calling this method never throws a checked Exception and never does a System.exit();
        args - the command-line arguments
        a return code to be returned. Zero indicates success, +1 indicates that validation completed successfully and found the schema or instance to be invalid, +2 indicates that validation was not carried out successfully.
      • applyLocalOptions

        protected void applyLocalOptions​(CommandLineOptions options,
                                         Configuration config)
        Customisation hook: apply options defined locally in a subclass
        options - the CommandLineOptions
        config - the Saxon Configuration
      • quit

        protected static int quit​(java.lang.String message,
                                  int code)
        Exit with a message
        message - The message to be output
        code - The result code to be returned to the operating system shell
        the requested return code
      • loadDocument

        public static javax.xml.transform.Source loadDocument​(java.lang.String sourceFileName,
                                                              boolean useURLs,
                                                              Configuration config)
                                                       throws XPathException
        Load a document, given a filename or URL
        sourceFileName - the name of the source file
        useURLs - true if name is to be treated as a URI
        config - the Saxon configuration
        the Source object that results from loading the document
        XPathException - if a document cannot be loaded
      • processFile

        public void processFile​(javax.xml.transform.Source source,
                                SchemaValidator validator)
                         throws SaxonApiException
        Process a single file using a supplied schema
        source - The source XML document to be validated
        validator - The schema validator used to perform the validation
        SaxonApiException - If the validation fails (or if validation could not be attempted)
      • badUsage

        protected void badUsage​(java.lang.String message)
        Report incorrect usage of the command line, with a list of the options and arguments that are available
        message - The error message