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Saxon-JS is an XSLT 3.0 run-time in pure JavaScript. It is designed to execute Stylesheet Export Files, compiled by either Saxon-EE, or the XX compiler integrated into the Node.js Saxon-JS 2 package.

The Saxon-JS 2 product is now available on Node.js as well as in the browser. For Node.js there are two npm packages available, "saxon-js", and the command line interface package "xslt3". These can be installed from the command line in the usual way (e.g. npm install saxon-js), or use the links below to the Saxonica npm package pages.

Node.js packages Saxon-JS 2 Saxon-JS 2 CLI

Use the buttons below to download the latest Saxon-JS releases for the browser.

Browser releases Saxon-JS 2.3 Saxon-JS 2.2
Saxon-JS 2.3
(556 KB)
Saxon-JS 2.2
(556 KB)

The latest Saxon-JS release is 2.3, released on 20 August 2021. The previous release Saxon-JS 2.2 was released on 11 May 2021. For use with Saxon-JS 2, SEFs must either be produced with Saxon-EE 10.0 or later, or using the new XX compiler integrated into Saxon-JS 2 for Node.js. SEFs generated using Saxon-EE 10 require Saxon-JS 2.

In the Saxon-JS 1.x series, the latest release is 1.2.0, released on 5 October 2018. To be able to use all features, it is recommended that SEFs are produced with Saxon-EE or later (in general SEFs should be produced with Saxon-EE or later for use with Saxon-JS 1.x). SEFs generated using Saxon-EE 9.9 require Saxon-JS 1.2.

For further details on Saxon-EE and Saxon-JS compatibility, see the Compatibility section on the main Saxon-JS page.

To download Saxon-JS 1.2.0 and earlier releases, see Saxon-JS archive.


Saxon-JS 2

Saxon-JS 2 is free of charge but not open source. Details of the license can be found in the Licensing section of the documentation.

For enterprise users who want additional support, Saxonica will be providing a subscription service for an annual fee. As well as traditional support, this will provide access to source code, add-on development and debugging tools, and (in due course) additional product functionality.

Saxon-JS 1

Although the source code of Saxon-JS 1 is made available, the product is not open source. The code is the intellectual property of Saxonica, except for the open source components listed at Third-party Components.

For licensing purposes Saxon-JS 1 is considered to be part of Saxon Enterprise Edition, and purchasing a Saxon-EE license entitles you to use and deploy Saxon-JS 1. The basic model for Saxon-JS 1 is that we charge for development, not for deployment. A Saxon-EE license is required to produce an SEF (stylesheet export file), but no license is needed for run time deployment on a web browser. The Saxon-EE license conditions can be found at Saxon Licensing.

Further information

For release notes, documentation, information on installing the software, and details about earlier releases, see the Saxon-JS product page.