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The latest release for .NET is SaxonCS , released on . Saxon 11 is currently considered the most stable and reliable release. For more information see Latest releases.

The latest maintenance release of 10 is Saxon , released on .

To use SaxonCS 11, or the commercial editions of Saxon 10 for .NET (Saxon-PE or Saxon-EE) you need a license key. If you don't have a current license you can request a 30-day evaluation license.

Saxon 11

SaxonCS 11 is available to download as an executable, and as a NuGet package, built with .NET 5.

From SaxonCS 11.4, executables built with .NET 6 are also published. See the "SaxonCS-b6" downloads below, and the "SaxonCS for .NET 6" blog post.

Use the buttons below to download SaxonCS 11 executables built for different operating systems.

SaxonCS 11 Linux MacOS Windows
.NET 5
.NET 6

MacOS quarantine warning

If you download SaxonCS with a web browser and you're running a recent version of MacOS, you will get a warning that "Apple cannot check it for malicious software." This is just an indication that the release hasn't been signed by Apple. Saxonica is in the process of getting the SaxonCS application signed by Apple, at which time we'll update the download.

To work around this warning in the meantime, select "Ok" from the warning dialog, then open the Security & Privacy settings page and look on the General tab. You'll see a message that SaxonCS has been blocked. Press the "Allow Anyway" button. Then run SaxonCS again and choose "Open". You may have to do this several times, as MacOS will object to each dynamic library.

Alternatively, if you download the application with a command line tool, such as curl or wget, the malicious software warning will not arise. If you've already downloaded the file, you can disable the warning by removing the "" extended attribute from the file before unzipping it.

Saxon 10

Saxon-HE 10 is open source software and can be downloaded from Nuget.

Use the buttons below to directly download the commercial editions of Saxon 10 for .NET (Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE). The Saxon-HE button redirects to Nuget.

Saxon 10 .NET Saxon-EE Saxon-PE Saxon-HE




Terms and conditions

By downloading the software for the commercial products (Saxon-PE, Saxon-EE, or SaxonCS) you agree to the terms and conditions published at (for use with a free evaluation license) or (in the case of paid-up licenses).

Further information

The saxon-resources download file, containing documentation and sample applications, can be downloaded from the main download page.

For release notes, information on installing the software, and details about earlier releases, see the further information for downloads page.