JavaScript API

The JavaScript API for Saxon-CE is loaded using a standard HTML script element:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="../Saxon/Saxon.nocache.js"></script>

When using this API, it's important to ensure the Saxon-CE library is loaded first. The global onSaxonLoad callback function is provided to facilitate this during an HTML page load. Saxon-CE will make a call to this once it has loaded.

The API is centred around two principal objects:


XSLT20Processor is modeled on the JavaScript XSLTProcessor API as implemented by Opera, Mozilla, Safari and Chrome browsers (Sarissa provides a wrapper compatible with Internet Explorer). It provides a set of methods used to initiate XSLT transforms on XML or direct XSLT-based HTML updates. This standard API has been extended to: (a) access functionality new to XSLT 2.0, (b) provide extra features specific to HTML processing, and (c) support asynchronous processing.


The Saxon object provides a factory method for instantiating XSLT20Processor and a run function for invoking transforms more declaratively by using a JavaScript literal object to describe the transform. It also includes a small set of utility functions for managing XML resources and controlling the logging of messages from XSLT20Processor object instances.


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